House passes $3T ‘Heroes Act’ relief package


(WTNH) — The U.S. House of Representatives passed a new $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill Friday. Democrats are calling it the Heroes Act. But it’s not likely to pass the Senate.

Among the many things, the Heroes Act gives hazard pay to essential workers. That is an extra $13 an hour for every nurse and orderly in hospitals, every ambulance crew, every cashier in your grocery store.

If you are one of those people, don’t get too excited because this is probably not going to happen. It’s not expected to pass in the Senate.

In addition to hazard pay, this bill would give another $1,200 payout to every American. Not just adults, but kids, too. So a family of five would get a check for $6,000.

It would also hand out half a trillion dollars in direct assistance to local governments to keep things running depicted the lack of tax revenue coming in. This $3 trillion bill comes on the heels of another $3 trillion spending bill, and remember I said this was probably not going to happen.? That’s because while Democrats in the House are ready to pass the Heroes Act, Republicans oppose it as just too much spending, too soon.

Democrats counter that the next 30 days will be very difficult for all those Americans who lost their jobs and can’t work.

As parts of the economy re-open, it could also be a tough 30 days for frontline essential workers as the numbers of COVID-19 infected patients could very well increase with more circulation in the population.

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