NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — When it comes to knowing how to cook a turkey, it’s more intuitive to residents in some states than others, according to data from Google Trends.

Looking at search data for the last five years, people in the northeastern part of the nation search “How to cook a turkey?” more than any other region.

When it comes to related searches, people are likely to search for “air fryer turkey breast,” “pellet grill,” “pellet fuel,” “spatchcock turkey” and “butterflying” the most.

Other terms they use include “history of Thanksgiving,” “do you cook a turkey at 325 or 350,” “how long to cook a spatchcock turkey,” “how to cook a turkey to be moist” and “how long does it take to cook a 17 lb turkey.”

As expected, the searches tend to spike every November. There is a smaller spike around Christmas, as well.

As for metro areas, people in Presque Isle in Maine, and Alpena in Michigan, are the most likely to search the question.

And if you need some tips, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a few — from how much turkey to make based on how many guests you have, to how long you need to cook the bird.

Here are the 10 states least likely to Google how to cook a turkey:

41. Maryland

42. Tennessee

43. Florida

44. South Carolina

45. Mississippi

46. Texas

47. Alabama

48. California

49. Georgia

50. Louisiana

Here are the 10 states most likely to Google how to cook a turkey:

10. Idaho

9. South Dakota

8. Wyoming

7. Rhode Island

6. Alaska

5. North Dakota

4. Montana

3. Maine

2. Vermont

  1. New Hampshire