Largest maker of e-cigarettes halts production of most flavored pods following backlash


Vaping, juuling, e-cigarettes. The nicotine addiction is sweeping high schools across the nation and here in Connecticut. Many high schools closing bathrooms to stop it.

“Do you see kids using them? Yes quite frequently.”

Juul Labs is the largest maker of e-cigarettes. They say they will stop marketing them to kids on social media.

Patricia Garcia is an ER doctor at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. She says this is a big first step.

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“Because youth really rely on social media, it is a big venue. E-cigarettes and other products market on how the cigarettes and vaping product market towards youth.”

Juul Labs says they will also stop selling many of their flavored cigarettes so popular with kids. Another step in the right direction says Dr. Garcia.

“I think it is very positive that there is a big company like Juul that is taking a step in the right direction, it is a very popular form of nicotine.”

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Hartford City Councilman Dr. Larry Deutch brought forward the law that recently passed in Hartford raising the smoking age to 21 for all nicotine products.

He says lawmakers have to continue doing their part to hold these companies in check.

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