(NewsNation) — Two people who were reported missing after not coming home from a Nevada music and car show have been found dead, authorities said.

Juan Almanza Zavala, 36, and Janette Pantoja, 29 were coming home from a music and car show in Reno, Nevada, on Aug. 6, a local TV station reported. The two, who dated for years and still maintained a good relationship according to their families, were last seen driving a blue Ford Explorer.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a man and a woman were found after a man called 911 saying he spotted a vehicle down an embankment Wednesday night. Both bodies were found outside the car.

“Due to the nature of injuries, the male can only be tentatively identified as 36-year-old Juan Almanza Zavala,” Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook. “The female was confirmed to be 29-year-old Janette Pantoja.”

The car was not visible from the highway. Investigators had been searching rural areas nearby for the last two weeks. California Highway Patrol is conducting a vehicle accident investigation.