Murphy; President of Ukraine told me about request for dirt on Biden


(WTNH) — Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy says he got an earful from the President of Ukraine on his recent visit to the former Soviet country.

Murphy says the Ukrainian President was confused about requests from President Trump for political dirt on former Vice President Biden and the Biden family.

At a State Capitol News Conference Monday, Senator Murphy said, “What the President has admitted to was a fundamentally-corrupt act and Republicans and Democrats need to acknowledge that.”

What Murphy is talking about is that President Trump has acknowledged bringing up corruption allegations against Joe Biden during a phone call with the President of Ukraine this summer. And, that President Volodymyr Zelensky brought up his concern about being asked for dirt on the former Vice President, and the implication that it could be linked to U.S. aid for security when Murphy visited him in Kiev earlier this month.

Murphy says he believes this is the most serious moment of the Trump administration to-date adding, “The President is openly admitting to having asked a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 elections.”

Murphy also says the Trump Administration must submit the whistle-blower complaint about the phone call to congress as it is required by law. “I don’t know how I live in a country, I help lead a country, that allows a President of the United States to openly admit to this kind of corruption and get away with it,” said Murphy.

In a CNN interview Monday, 4th District Congressman Jim Himes, who serves on the Judiciary Committee, was blunt saying, “If the President calls up a foreign leader and says ‘we’re going to withhold your aid’ or even alludes to the possibility that they may withhold foreign aid in exchange for something political; that is extortion, that is corruption.

Prosecutors in Ukraine have declined to investigate Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter, because they say there just isn’t anything there.

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