NASA reveals top designs for future homes on Mars


Have you ever wondered what a home on Mars would look like? NASA has a few ideas.

Back in 2015, the space agency launched the “3-D Printed Habitat Challenge.” The competition challenged teams to create sustainable shelters for the moon, Mars or other places in space using resources that would be available on-site. 

This week, the agency picked three designs as finalists in the competition.

The first-place model was created by Team SEArch+/Apis Cor. NASA says the unique shape of the habitat allows for continuous reinforcement of the structure. It also allows light to enter through trough-shaped ports on the sides and top.

Second place went to a design created by Team Zopherus. Their habitat would be built by an autonomous printer that would use rovers to collect materials that can be used for construction.

The third-place design was created by Team Mars Incubator. Their proposed home features four “functional zones” that each serve a different purpose. 

The teams that created the three designs selected by NASA split a $100,000 prize. They will now have to create 3-D print scale models of their homes for the next round.

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