President Trump continues Mueller report attacks


President Trump fresh off of sending a firestorm of tweets about the redacted Mueller Report, attended an Easter Sunday service with the First Lady and his daughter Tiffany Trump.

The President spent part of the long weekend golfing in Florida and tweeting his days-long message of ‘no collusion, no obstruction” and sending an Easter message.

“Happy Easter everybody. Have a good day. Lot of great things happening for our country,” President Trump said.

Mean while, President Trump’s Attorney, Rudy Giuliani, came to his defense.

Giuliani said on CNN, “There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians. It depends on where it came from. It depends on where it came from. You’re assuming that the giving of information is a campaign contribution.”

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But Democrats aren’t backing off. The House Judiciary Chairman is issuing a subpoena for the full unredacted report. 

The Special Counsel found insufficient evidence to prove the Trump Campaign conspired with the Russians to meddle in the 2016 election, but the report outlined 11 instances of possible obstruction of justice. 

Those details reinforcing political battle lines Democrats calling for swift action, as the President’s team is already predicting a second term.

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