President Trump postpones closing the Southern Border


President Donald Trump is backing off when it comes to an immediate shut down at the Southern Border, but it comes at a price.

Businesses and lawmakers in Washington have been scrambling trying to prepare for the possibility of a border closure.

President Trump says he will not close the US Mexico Border, at least for now.

President Trump said,”If the drugs don’t stop, or largely, stop, were going to put tariffs, on Mexico and products.” 

All week, the President had threatened to completely shut down the Border after Homeland Security officials reported a sharp spike in illegal crossings. 

The President backed away from his threat after even Republican lawmakers warned him to think again.

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Senator Mitch McConnell, (R) Majority Leader said, “Closing down the Border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact.”

Veronica Nigh is an economist with the American Farm Bureau. She says if border check points are closed even for short periods of time, it hits consumers in the pocketbook.

Nigh said, “We’re used to being able to ship 7 days a week, and delays at the port just add additional cost time and additional time, and we’d see that pretty quickly.”

President Trump will travel to Southern California Friday. Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said the President will focus on what’s being done to curb illegal immigration.

Gidley said, “He’s going to show the American people, we’re building a wall, this piece has already been completed we’re moving on to more building now.”

Democrats argue that building the wall is as bad an idea as completely closing the Border and a lawsuit by several states to stop wall construction continues to make its way through the courts.

The President’s visit to the Border is expected to an include a round table discussion with border area sheriffs.

Vice President Pence will go to Houston Friday to meet with ICE agents as well.

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