(WTNH) — If you’re wondering why there are no winning numbers from Monday night’s Powerball drawing, officials said that technical issues are to blame.

The $1.9 billion jackpot is the largest in history, but more time will be needed to find out Monday’s numbers. According to a games spokesperson, a technical error caused a delay in the numbers being drawn.

And due to the length of the drawing delay, it’s likely we won’t know the official results for a while.

On Tuesday, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation gave News 8 a statement regarding the next drawing and the current delay.

“The Powerball drawing scheduled for Monday, Nov. 7 remains delayed due to one participating lottery needing additional time to process its sales and play data. Powerball has been in communication with the lottery throughout the night as it works to resolve the issue. The delay is unfortunate as the other 47 lotteries were able to complete the required security procedures in a timely fashion,” the statement read.

“Players should hold onto their tickets. As soon as the required security procedures are completed by the one outstanding lottery, the drawing can proceed,” it continued. “Thank you to our players for their patience. We look forward to drawing the winning numbers as soon as possible.”

The massive $1.9 billion jackpot has a cash value of $929.1 million. The jackpot prize can also be paid in full, with 30 payments over 29 years, which would be 30 equal payments of about $63 million per year.

No one has hit all six numbers in over three months, with the last jackpot won on Aug. 3 when a ticket in Pennsylvania won $206.89 million.

As of now, no word on when Monday night’s numbers will be posted.

This means that if you want to put yourself in the running for the next Powerball drawing, you can still buy a ticket. And for those who are already playing, don’t lose your tickets just yet!