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Vaping sends Texas teen to hospital with lung failure


TEXAS (ABC) — A seemingly-healthy Texas teenager was hospitalized with lung failure after suddenly becoming unable to breath.

His doctors suspect that vaping was the cause.

17-year-old Tryston Zohfeld was taken to Cook Children’s Hospital in Forth Worth, Texas with blockage in his lungs.

Zohfeld recalls the day he was hospitalized: “I woke up just throwing up everywhere, and my heart was beating out of my check going 100 miles an hour.”

Pediatric Pulmonologist, Karen Shultz, said of Zohfeld, “He’s a very sick, otherwise healthy-looking child. And we don’t see previously healthy 17-year-olds that sick that quickly.”

In late July, Tryston’s family sat by his side day after day not knowing what was wrong as he lay in a medically-induced coma.

His parents learned that Tryston has been vaping without their knowledge since the 8th grade, sometimes as much as two or three vape pods a week.

This isn’t the first teen hospitalized after vaping use. The CDC identified 153 cases of severe lung illness associated with e-cigarette use across 16 states.

The CDC continues to investigate and has not identified a particular device or liquid as being associated with these cases.

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