Video: Police drag Chicago teen down high school stairs


Caught on camera –Police in Chicago throw a teen girl to the ground, drag her down the stairs of a high school, punch her, then shoot her with a stun gun.

It happened back in July but the video was just released. The whole incident recorded on a cell phone.

Laurentio Howard, the father of Dnigma Howard said, “I couldn’t believe I seen two sworn police officers of Chicago abusing my daughter like this and I’m standing right there watching them do this and can’t do anything about it…I thought maybe they were going to try to choke her out or she would lose consciousness or something like that. They had their foot on her chest.”

Andrew M. Stroth, the Attorney for the Howard family said, “Thank god for that video (because) when this instance first happened, the state’s attorney charged a 16-year-old unarmed girl with two felonies for aggravated assault against a police officer.”

The charges Dnigma originally had have been dropped. The officers involved no longer work at the school.

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