LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Video obtained Wednesday shows a shootout between two rival biker gangs on a Henderson, Nevada highway in May that left six people shot.

The leader of the Las Vegas chapter of the Hells Angels and two other bikers are facing charges, including attempted murder, in the Memorial Day weekend shooting on U.S. 95 that shut down the major freeway.

Police said the shooting was between the Hells Angels and rival gang, Vagos. Prosecutors alleged the shooting may have been in retaliation for a previous murder in California involving the two groups.

Chapter leader Richard “Rizzo” Devries, 66, and gang prospects, Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26, were originally held on $380,000 bail each. Their bail was lowered to $75,000 bond earlier this month. All three men are out of jail awaiting trial.

The video, obtained by Nexstar’s KLAS, is shot from inside a vehicle trailing the large pack of bikers. A woman can be heard exclaiming “this is not good” after realizing that the group contains bikers from both the Hells Angels and Vagos.

Richard Devries arrives at a Henderson Harley-Davidson after a shooting on U.S. 95, prosecutors said. (KLAS)

The bikers were part of a Memorial Day weekend ride through Arizona and southern Nevada. Evidence presented to a grand jury includes videos of the riders crossing the Hoover Dam.

Other videos include members of the Hells Angels at a Henderson Harley-Davidson dealership minutes after the shooting.

Drone video showing the shooting scene on U.S. 95 in Henderson. (KLAS)

Trials for all three men are scheduled for September.