SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A wild scene was caught on camera as a driver runs straight into a motorcyclist, sending him flying into the air.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect, Kenneth Cordova, 34, was arrested on charges of attempted murder for intentionally using his car to hit another person.

Authorities say the incident happened at a Salt Lake County apartment complex on Thursday.

In the video, the victim is seen sitting on a motorcycle outside of an apartment complex. Cordova’s car is seen speeding directly towards the victim, slamming into him moments later.

(Video courtesy of @utahzolanos)

The impact sent the victim flying into the air, landing on the car’s windshield before eventually falling to the ground. Cordova is seen quickly hopping out of his car while aggressively confronting the victim.

During police questioning, Cordova admitted to intentionally targeting the victim because he allegedly saw him holding a gun minutes before the incident.

Cordova believed the victim “had a hit” on him dating back from 2009. He says he felt, “he had to kill or be killed.”

Authorities say there is no evidence the victim ever possessed a firearm. The victim also says he’s never seen or interacted with Cordova before the incident. The victim was transported to a local hospital. He sustained injuries throughout his body although none were major, according to police reports.

Officials say Cordova is a “multi-state offender, convicted felon and has a history of violent behavior.” He has a criminal history with offenses in Nevada and Arizona, as well.

“The suspect, Kenneth Eugene Cordova, showed complete disregard to human life when striking the victim with his vehicle and then continuing to assault the victim after he was hit by his vehicle,” arresting documents say.

Cordova has been arrested on one charge of attempted murder and is currently booked at the Salt Lake County Jail.