(WTNH) — One of the big questions following the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday night is: Why were police in Washington not ready?

Chris Haynes is an associate professor of political science at the University of New Haven and he said let this be a lesson to leaders and politicians to be more responsible with what they say because of the potential for serious implications.

As for today, he said there just weren’t enough Capitol police to repel protestors determined to get into the building, and that there should have been mass riot police stationed around the capitol. News 8 asked him if he saw the same level of force that was used during some Black Lives Matter protests around the country this past summer.

“To me, as a layperson watching this unfold, that this protest needs to be handled in a much more aggressive fashion and should have been planned for. And, is this because of race? Well, I mean that’s one thing that some people might suggest and I don’t think that they’re very far off,” he said. “That African Americans are treated in a very different way and much more aggressively by the criminal justice system than non-African Americans and white people.”

Haynes went on to say that we had the Black Lives Matter protests and what he called the racial
reckoning this past summer. But, this is just one example of how things are different when you’re talking about Black and white.

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy said there needs to be “a full investigation on how the Capitol’s security was breached this quickly,” adding that he will be on the forefront of the inquiry.