MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – What if you could combine the efficiency of Twitter with the effectiveness of triage. New technology was rolled out this week at emergency rooms across Hartford HealthCare’s system.

What if doctor-nurse teams and necessary equipment could be activated well before patients arrive?

“Every single moment matters. We like to call it, ‘time is tissue,’ so every second really helps,” said Ewelina McDade, Director of Emergency Services at MidState Medical Center.

They’re the first to arrive in life and death matters. For years, EMS crews communicated with emergency rooms through CNET radios that can be bulky and have connection issues. Now they have ‘Twiage.’

“Now, with Twiage, I can, with one switch of a button, activate an entire ED team, an entire stroke team. When seconds count and minutes matter in most of our critical cases, our EMS providers can activate an entire team of people that can be ready for them when they arrive at the hospital,” said Kevin Ferrarotti, Senior Director of EMS at Hartford HealthCare.

The concept is a combination of the social media platform, Twitter, and triage. Twiage allows medics to send back and forth messages with hospital staff in 20 seconds or less.

“We get an estimated time of arrival as well, and it’s GPS tracked, so it’s very accurate and it really allows our staff to get prepped for the patient and get ready,” McDade said.

Hartford HealthCare is the first in the Northeast to fully integrate the Twiage app at all six of its hospitals on Thursday.

“In just one day’s time, we already saw 20 to 30 critical cases with the activation of the single touch of a button,” Ferrarotti said.

The app is HIPPA compliant to protect sensitive patient information. Officials at MidState Medical Center say it adds several minutes of life-saving time.