New app to stop bullying in schools becoming a success


About a half a dozen schools are now trying new technology to stop an old problem. It’s an anti-bullying app that can be downloaded to a student‘s phone to anonymously report bullying activities.

In West Hartford they use “Anonymous Alert”, an app that is linked directly to security and immediately reports the bullying.

 Dr. Robert Keder works in developmental and behavioral pediatrics for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. He says the app gives victims the power and a voice, in technology they are familiar with, which is a powerful combination.

“We want to provide kids an opportunity to feel that they can speak up and say that something is going on.”

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The great thing about the app is that it is not just for victims. Parents, teachers and even students who witness bullying can go to the app instead of having to go to school security. Dr. Keder says this is a good way for a bystander who sees something to say something.

“It also allows for a bystander to say, ‘You know what, I’m worried that this kid is not speaking up for themself. Let me report what’s going on without letting other people know that it’s necessarily me’.”

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Some school say the app is used to report vaping in the bathroom, and some students hide behind anonymity to report false bullying. Which it clearly states right at the bottom of the app, will be punished with the full weight of the law. 

“It is a great idea I think it is a safer way for kids to do it anonymously I think they fear a lot to actually go up and not know who is going to actually be there to support them when these things happen. So I think it is a great idea”, said parent Maritza Carrion. 

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