Fibroids — often unrecognized and easily overlooked in women.

“Fibroids are tumors that are non-cancerous.  They’re growths that happen inside the wall of the uterus and essentially what happens is one of the cells inside the uterus, the muscle cell,  growing out of control and it forms this bulky tumor which we call fibroids,” explains Dr. Scott Chudnoff of Stamford Health.  

Non-cancerous tumors — that can lead to extreme pain.  

“First of all it would be like three days of intense OMG pain,” says Khaitsa Wasiyo.

And heavy menstrual bleeding.  

She says, “Just constantly worried about whether I’m able to get through my day.”

Adding, “I wanted to have another child and I could not do that because I had these fibroids that were in the way.” 

To save her uterus — Khaitsa is participating in a clinical trial underway here at Stamford Health.

“Traditionally, we tell a woman, you have fibroids, you have bleeding, let’s do a hysterectomy,” says lead researcher Dr. Chudnoff who is focused on a drug that shrinks fibroids.

He says, “What it does is it blocks the progesterone going into the fibroids.  Progesterone being one of the hormones in the body that can cause the fibroids to grow.”

It’s a class of medication already approved in Europe. 

The FDA recently okayed a fibroid treatment — using radio frequency to kill the tumors.

Dr. Chudnoff was a primary study investigator,  “The ablation should destroy whatever tissue is there but you can’t always destroy every last cell.”

Stamford Hospital is one of the first sites in the U.S. to offer it. 

For Khaitsa, promising results so far in the medical research

“The pain disappeared, and the heavy cramps disappeared.  Do I need to change anything.  Am I okay? Do I look fine? That worry is gone and the pain is gone.” 

Dr. Chudnoff says anything short of a hysterectomy, there is always a risk of the fibroids returning. 

For more information on the clinical trial — call 877-455-4HER  

Women who’d like to participate in the study can fill out this online form: