NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The First Calvary Baptist Church in New Haven is honoring the life and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. by continuing to spread his message of peace and equality.

Reverend Eldren Morrison traveled from Dr. King’s birthplace in Atlanta, Georgia to New Haven on Monday while preaching Dr. King’s words and message.

“He was preaching about economic policies that needed to be changed in order to create equality and justice. Dr. King called out the hypocrisy of America [and it] got him into good trouble. Doing the right thing will get you into good trouble,” Morrison said.

Reverend Morrison wants parishioners to make good trouble. The idea – of going against the status quo – with the goal of creating change for the better.

“We lost our appetite for good trouble. You can’t love Jesus and racially profile at the same time. You cannot love God and not call out police brutality to going on in this country to right here in New Haven from Randy Cox to Anderson,” Morrison said.

Dr. Kimber told News 8 the current social climate demands quote — “good trouble.”

“It’s so important now because of what is happening , january 6th, Jim Crow is not dead, his kids are still living and so we still have to deal with the racism here in America. Let’s continue to get into good trouble,” Dr. Kimber said.

Dr. Kimber believes topics that need to be addressed in New Haven are education, housing and economics.