(WTNH) – A Connecticut mom is getting creative and using her platform to help other struggling moms amid the baby formula shortage across the country.

This nightmare continues for so many families, including Caitlin Houston, a mother of three from New Haven. She says she is terrified at the thought of not being able to feed her 5-month-old baby.

Like so many others, Houston is doing her best to balance motherhood and says the baby formula shortage is frightening.

“It’s a really unsettling feeling not being able to, or the thought of not being able to provide food for your child,” Houston said.

She said her daughter Arbor has a dairy allergy. She had to cut dairy out of her diet to continue breastfeeding and the shortage leaves her with no other options.

“If suddenly I couldn’t breastfeed tomorrow and I couldn’t find formula, it would set me into a panic. It would send my whole entire family into a panic to think that we couldn’t feed her,” Houston said.

The panic pushed her to take action.

“I thought that’s completely unheard of to not be able to feed your baby food, and I thought what can I do to help,” Houston said.

As a blogger on Instagram with more than 25,000 followers, she got to work reaching out to find formula and help those in need. She got an immediate response.

“Last week was really active. I had people in New Jersey saying, ‘I can go to this Costco and get formula if this person lives in New Jersey of I’ll ship it to them,’” Houston said.

Houston says the patchwork of moms helping other moms proves we can all make a difference.

“Social media is such a great way to keep in touch that you know. In this day and age, you might not knock on your neighbor’s door, but you can post on Facebook and somebody might answer,” Houston said.

News 8 reached out to stores across the state to see where the need for baby formula is the greatest. In Naugatuck, stores News 8 called had very few cans. Waterbury and Waterford seemed to have the most.

If you see formula in your town, email us at reportit@wtnh.com