New Haven native, military employee voices concern over transgender ban

(NEXSTAR / WTNH) — On Thursday, there are more questions than answers about President Trump’s announcement banning transgenders from serving in the United States military.

Trump hasn’t spoken about it since those series of tweets on Tuesday morning.

It is unclear whether active duty transgender service members will be thrown out of the military.

Reactions are still pouring in. Among those with strong feelings are a New Haven native and military contractor voicing her opinion.

There’s not only confusion in the military, but even transgender people who work for the Department of Defense don’t know what this means for their careers.

“It’s been good for America.”Related: Trump’s military transgender ban prompts LGBT outrage

Alexandra Chandler has quietly done her job as a senior Naval Intelligence Specialist in Washington for over a decade.

Now, the Connecticut native and transgender woman finds herself under fire from the President. After he fired off a set of tweets banning transgender people from serving in the military.

“I’m a living testament to the fact that transgender people can contribute to our national security,” said Chandler, a transgender defense worker.

She’s been doing that work for the Defense Department for over 13 years dealing with serious issues like weapons of mass destruction proliferation and arms smuggling. She’s estimated to be one transgender out of thousands serving in roles defending the country.Related: Local community, leaders respond to transgender military ban

“Transgender people are serving right now all over the globe in critical, hard to fill roles, protecting our national security,” she said.

President Trump’s tweet storm seemingly caught the Pentagon by surprise. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs said there will be no policy changes until they get the official order. When asked on Wednesday, the White House gave vague details on how this order will be implemented.

“They are going to have to work out the details on how that all moves forward to lawfully implement that policy change from this point,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary.

For Chandler, she just wants to continue serving her country. She says America needs all the skilled people it can get for the job.Related: Trump to bar transgender individuals from armed forces

“We can’t compromise in terms of having everyone with the talents that we need to protect our national security in the fight,” she said.

The White House says they’ll work with the Department of Defense, but there is no timeline on when more details will emerge.

Chandler also wants to make it clear that her views don’t represent those of the Department Of Defense.