NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A warning today from officials in New Haven. The Elm City is now reporting its first cases of monkeypox. The whole state of Connecticut now has more than a dozen confirmed cases of monkeypox.

“There have been two cases in New Haven, and the two cases in New Haven are both males, one in their 20s, one in their 30s,” said Mayor Justin Elicker (D – New Haven) at a City Hall press conference.

You cannot get Monkeypox from sitting next to someone at work, or at the next table at a restaurant.

“It really does spread through direct, skin-to-skin contact with a rash, scabs or sores from a person with monkeypox including during sexual activity,” explained New Haven Health Director Maritza Bond.

In fact, most of the cases in the US are men who have sex with other men, which poses its own problem to public health.

“Stigma, shame, and silence sometimes are a primary barrier to seeking out care and treatment,” said Dr. Mehul Dalal, New Haven’s Community Services Administrator.

It is possible for anyone to get monkeypox, under the right circumstances. There is a vaccine, but the supply is limited. Only people who have been exposed to it are eligible to get it right now. If you have been with someone who is infected, contact your local health department.

Everyone should be aware of the symptoms. They start with fatigue.

“Other symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes or glands, chills, as well as a rash,” said Bond.

Monkeypox is not like Covid. If you have Monkeypox, you almost certainly have some of those symptoms. If you do have symptoms, contact your doctor. Remember, you may be contagious for several weeks.