New Haven Schools Internal Survey Shows Boost in Numbers for Superintendent and Teacher Retention


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – New results from an internal study from 57 school leaders show the ratings for Superintendent Harries have gone up in a number of areas and an increase in teacher retention as well. The results are from a 2015-16 survey of 34 principals and 23 assistant principals designed to ask administration about climate and direction, leadership and governance, professional development, and support from superintendent.

The numbers are up. When compared to the 2014-15 school year, Superintendent Harries’ numbers saw a boost in favorable responses in multiple areas. “I’m deeply encouraged by the results of this survey because it lets me know that our building leaders believe we’re going in the right direction. I also know these numbers offer opportunities for improvement,” Superintendent Harries offered. “Every bit of feedback from building leaders and staff is feedback I can use to continue modifying my approach and leadership style. This is feedback that will fuel our growth and improve our District’s dedication to working collaboratively.”

The areas of improvement compared to the year before:

Maintaining a focus on student learning: 83% from 77%

Providing resources to support instructional leadership across the district: 67% from 62%

Collaborating effectively with administrators: 62% from 55%

Responding to the needs and concerns expressed by administrators: 60% from 55%

Putting suggestions made by administrators into operation: 57% from 50%

I feel supported by the Superintendent: 62% from 40%

I trust the Superintendent: 55% from 32%

These numbers come a time where the District has seen the lowest teacher attrition numbers in recent years accounting for a total of 190 teacher resignations and retires during the 2015-16 school year. 2015-2016 school attrition rate has stayed consistently below reported national averages.

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