(NEXSTAR) – Kraft Heinz has a new gadget that the company says is “the biggest thing to happen to sauce since packets.”

The Heinz Packet Roller is a pocket-sized, ketchup bottle-shaped doohickey that lets users squeeze the most out of a condiment packet. Heinz says it’s “magically engineered to bring you every last drop.”

“Do not click ‘purchase’ unless you are prepared to change everything about the way you sauce,” advised the Heinz Packet Roller website. “Gone are the days of fumbling with ketchup packets, pants ruined by mustard disasters, and minutes taken off your life trying to get to the bottom of that mayo packet.”

The roller sells for $5.70 and can even be put on a keychain, so it’s always at the ready. It also features a packet-corner cutter, to help slice open the sauces.

Food chains nationwide have experienced a shortage of ketchup packets caused by a surge in takeout and delivery food orders during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kraft Heinz confirmed to USA TODAY earlier this year that it was working to increase packet supplies — including adding manufacturing lines to raise production by an estimated 25% to 12 billion packets a year.