(WTNH) – The summer is a popular time of year to take a vacation. If you’re going away and leaving your pet at home, New London Animal Control is urging everyone to be careful about who they entrust their furry family members.

“We were actually in New Hampshire on vacation and we got a phone call from our pet sitter that Paisley had escaped from her house,” said Jessica Ziolko, whose dog went missing in New London.

Jessica Ziolko said her husband left the vacation early and came back home to search for their dog, who went missing in New London. They also posted on social media and got help from the group, CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network.

“They helped us track her sightings on a map to see where she had been spotted,” Ziolko said.

Thankfully, Paisley is home safe.

“This was a back-up pet sitter for us,” Ziolko explained. “We had never used her before. She seemed knowledgeable and very nice. It seemed like a small mistake.”

New London Animal Control said Paisley is one of four dogs that went missing in the last month. 

“We had a dog here, a little over a week until the owner came home and realized one of her two dogs was missing,” said Tonya Kloiber, Animal Control Officer for the City of New London. “When she contacted the pet sitter, the pet sitter was like, I thought I was only watching one dog.”

Animal Control Officer Tonya Kloiber said another dog was hit by a car and killed. 

“I think it’s important that people realize that not all pet sitters are created equal,” said Kloiber.

Kloiber said it’s important you do your research.

“If you Google pet sitters in the area, people will come up,” said Kloiber. “If you call anyone, they should be able to provide you with your insurance and their bond number. Anybody who’s coming into your home should be bonded just in the off chance something happens.”

She also told News 8 that it’s worth shelling out some extra cash to leave your pets in the care of people who are reputable. 

“Boarding kennels are expensive, I get it!” she said. “I have a dog myself, I know what I have to do. It’s not the cheapest thing, but sometimes taking the cheapest route doesn’t get the best benefits.”