(WTNH)–On the inner city and streets of suburbia across Connecticut, a new form of fentanyl is exploding onto the scene. Drug dealers have altered and modified this already potent synthetic opioid into a more powerful drug called carfentanyl.

Reports say it is the key ingredient in elephant tranquilizer. Dr Steven Wolf the Chief of St. Francis emergency department says the dealers are using it to get bigger buzzes.

“It is a relative of fentanyl, it is just another synthetic opioid that is even more powerful than fentanyl, and that is also swirling around now nationally and locally.”

As narcotics units and tactical forces across the state bust drug dealers and raid back room labs, they are well aware of this popular new drug and it’s deadly effects on the streets. Dr. Wolf says it’s popular, because it’s easy to get.

“With more and more of the synthetic stuff, which is easier to get imported from China or wherever, you don’t have to grow it, you just make it. Nobody has any idea about the potency so there are overdosing, and that is why we are seeing the large number of overdoses because of the synthetic stuff is mixed in with the regular heroin,” Wolf said.

For now, doctors believe Narcan will work on this new carfentanyl, but it may take more than one doses of the Narcan to work.