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New option for chronic pain developed in Connecticut


Make room for the latest over the counter pain solution.

The Feel Good Lab spells relief with a cleaner approach.

“The ingredients we chose are ingredients that every one of them are things that we would want to introduce to the body,” says lead pharmacist Gene Gresh, who is also a compounding pharmacist. 

He adds, “And so the philsophy is, you take away the things that are harmful to the body and you provide to the body the tools that it can use to be healthy.” 

Infused with ingredients like turmeric, arnica and glucosamine. Direct delivery also minimizes side effects often associated with similar drugs taken orally.  

“If we can target delivery which we can through the skin, we can actually deliver these medicines right to the sight of where we want them go,” says Gresh.  

The topical solution is now FDA registered. 

“They require us in order to make claims around pain to submit our formula that they can determine both its efficacy and the safety of it,” says Ryan Gresh.

Gene’s son is among three co-foundersm, behind the brand with an ‘Honest Shot’ guarantee. 

Ryan Gresh explains, “Because we know if they follow the instructions, the likelihood they are going to get efficacy and they are  really, really going to improve their pain– is so much greater.”

People with arthritis, like Donna Geoffroy, have cut down their use of other medications.

“It’s a good day, it’s not red,” as she displays her hands, “I used to have these patches of inflammation that I’d have to use cortisone cream and I don’t have to use it all.”    

The company just unveiled an all-natural sport recovery lotion for athletes, also FDA registered. 
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