New peanut allergy treatment medication in the works


There’s a new pill in the works for treating peanut allergies that could help with the stress of meal time. 

A peanut powder-filled capsule could be the key to treating peanut allergies, gradually exposing people with allergies to allergens could reduce their risk of a severe reaction.

Researchers across 10 countries studied 551 participants with peanut allergies between age four and 55.
Most, 496, were between ages four and 17.

Three-quarters of the participants received increasing doses of the experimental treatment, the rest received a placebo.

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Side effects pushed 11-percent of the participants to drop out of the study.

After a year, each remaining participant took an exit challenge: eating the equivalent of two peanuts under a doctor’s supervision.

  • Two thirds of child participants tolerated the challenge without a severe reaction.
  • Half of those actually tolerated twice as much; a four-peanut dose.
  • 10-percent of children receiving treatment required an Epipen during the exit challenge.
  • 53-percent of the placebo group required an epi-pen during the exit challenge.

Experts warn this is not a cure for allergies. 

Patients receiving treatment should not expect to be able to eat whatever they want.

But researchers believe increasing tolerance for peanuts can reduce the risk of a severe reaction.

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