(WTNH) – A call is going out for more blood donations. The need is not only great in Connecticut but there’s now a way for recipients to say thank you to their donors.

People are rolling up their sleeves to give blood. Right now, Connecticut is in what’s considered to be a blood emergency.

Blood types O Positive, O Negative, and A Negative are needed most. It’s a life-saving gesture that takes less than 15 minutes and then it’s off to those in need.

After receiving the gift of life through blood donation, the recipient can now say thank you to their donor thanks to a program called Thank The Donor.

“That is how recipients of blood in the hospital will actually be able to access the platform to write that message and send the photo or video to their donor,” said Jonathan Decasanova, Connecticut Blood Center spokesman.

The program was launched locally on Monday and the messages are already coming in. The process of saying thank you to a donor is anonymous, but the possibility exists for patients to actually meet their donor.

“Typically, we would set up special events for these occasions. I think this only enhances this connection between recipients and donors,” Decasanova said.

The Connecticut Blood Center is a non-profit group. Their job is to collect and process blood, which is then distributed to a dozen hospitals around the state, giving recipients a fighting chance at life.

“We always call them heroes in the society that we live in, but to be able to give them that visual or at least a written message from a donor, it’s special,” Decasanova said.

The Connecticut Blood Center is open Wednesday through Friday, allowing you to give the gift of life.