New report gives Connecticut infrastructure a C minus


“The roads around here are horrendous.”

You don’t have to tell Connecticut residents just how bad the infrastructure is around the state James Lewis drives the roads from Coventry to Hartford every day.

“The vehicles or taking a beating from it, and her getting destroyed and the state doesn’t really seem to want to do much about it.”

But the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers has put it in writing, in the form of a report card.

C- for state bridges

Almost 8% of them are structurally deficient in many wall past their prime.

B-Railroad system

Which has had tens of millions of dollars on expansion and renovation.

C-clean drinking water

The system is old and outdated in many areas,but clean.

D+ Waste water system

50 of the wastewater treatment plants are at risk of flooding during storms

D+ for Roads

Many we talked to thought this was generous, as Connecticut is continuously repairing the same roads year in and year out. Ralph Halvorsen from Manchester says the status caught in a catch 22.

“We are a construction State, there is no doubt about it and we are all going to the polls next week, they are going to raise the taxes even more , and try to fix this, and it never seems to get fixed, the roads are still a mess, and they’re still being worked on constantly but the taxes go up!”

It’s something Governor Dannel Malloy has said from the beginning.

“We are being beaten in the job competition by Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. All of those states have spent much more on transportation than we have.”

The governor says the infrastructure is the key to growing the economy, and attracting new businesses to the area. He says it is the lifeblood of Connecticut.

“I told people that if we didn’t improve transportation we wouldn’t get our fair share of job growth out of the New York metropolitan market. We haven’t and it’s all about transportation.”

The overall grade was a C minus for the entire state.

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