HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The developer of Shooter Detection Systems never thought their military alert technology would be needed inside schools, but it has already been deployed in Connecticut.

“Every second counts during an incident like this and that is what we are going to be giving them, a very fast response time with very accurate information and no human in the loop that has to make these decisions in a panicked situation,” said Rich Onofrio, managing director of Shooter Detection Systems.

Small sensors are installed throughout the hallways, classrooms, and cafeterias and will alert to any gunshot.

“We are going to listen for that gunshot event but we are going to pair it up with that IR flash, the heat signature from a firearm, so no matter how much it sounds like a gun, whether it’s a locker slamming or a door slamming, we are not going to detect,” Onofrio said.

When a gun goes off, a signal is instantly sent to the police department and real time locations start coming in to dispatch.

“They’re going to have that map, that floor plan up that they can guide the responders, right to the location, right to the last shot and also see where the shooter has been throughout the building taking those shots,” Onofrio added.

That way, the first officer on scene knows exactly where to go to find the shooter and when paramedics arrive, they know where to start looking for victims.

“As a mom and a parent, friends and coworkers, we would like to see it more utilized. To me in this environment, unfortunately it’s going to become like an alarm system or a sprinkler system,” said Nicole Russo, the CEO of Microboard, the Seymour manufacturing company helping to work on this system for schools.

It is not only being used in schools and universities but airports, subway systems and large public venues throughout the United States as well as overseas.