New video shows Michelle Troconis interrogation, surveillance footage that reportedly shows Fotis Dulos disposing of evidence


(WTNH) — New video obtained first by News 8 shows Michelle Troconis inside a state police interrogation room. And never-before-seen video shows a man police say is Fotis Dulos appearing to dump garbage bags and a rolled-up rug in Hartford around the time his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos went missing last year.

In the interrogation video, detectives are seen questioning Fotis Dulos’ then live-in girlfriend, Troconis, about a paper towel with brown stains that she says Fotis Dulos handed her after cleaning out a truck the day his estranged wife went missing.

“I hold the paper towel but I didn’t smell it, I didn’t see the…” started Troconis.

“But even still you didn’t smell coffee?” the detective presses.

“No,” answers Troconis.

The video was recorded in August of last year, several months after Jennifer Dulos went missing.

Prosecutors allege Fotis Dulos had used the paper towel to clean the seat of a Toyota Tacoma after, they allege, he killed his wife back in May 2019.

Previously, state police reports indicated Troconis said the paper towel “did not smell like coffee.” In the video, lawyers point out Troconis says she did not smell the paper towel at all to make any judgment.

Attorneys for Troconis say the new video shows Troconis has difficulty with English and did not clearly understand police questions or vocabulary. Attorney Jon Schoenhorn says the video reveals tactics used by police to talk over or interrupt his client. They question the characterization by police of the interrogation.

All of this proof, Schoenhorn says, that there is no basis for Troconis’ home confinement, GPS monitoring, and check-ins with a probation officer. Something he’ll present to the court at a bail hearing on Friday.

“The goal here is to explain to a judge that there’s no reason going forward that she be on these restrictions,” Schoenhorn said.

Troconis has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos.

WEB EXTRA: Police interrogate Michelle Troconis months after Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance

In addition, newly-released surveillance video shows a man attorneys for Troconis allege is Fotis Dulos appear to stop a black pickup truck along Albany Avenue, later dragging a rolled-up rug through a parking lot, apparently towards a dumpster. The mat-believed to be the same one missing Jennifer’s car.

Prosecutors have alleged Dulos dumped several garbage bags filled with his wife’s bloody clothes and other items along Albany Avenue soon after Jennifer disappeared.

Schoenhorn says the video proves Dulos acted alone in dumping the bags and says these new videos and evidence prove the conspiracy to commit murder charge against his client was based on embellished or misrepresented statements by police.

Another video shows a woman police believe is Troconis opening the car door but never getting out.

“At best you could say this was a sloppy and inaccurate investigation,” said Schoenhorn. “At worst, it looks like they were intending to deceive superior court judges into granting various warrants. If it’s the latter, then this is serious misconduct on the part of the police. If it’s just mistakes, then they’re just incompetent. Either way, the charges never should have been brought against Michelle.”

He went on to say, “Her father just got out of the hospital, he had COVID in Florida…These are cruel conditions.”

WEB EXTRA: A man attorneys for Troconis allege is Fotis Dulos appears to stop a black pickup truck and dump garbage bags and a rolled-up mat in Hartford shortly after Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance

WEB EXTRA: A man attorneys for Troconis allege is Fotis Dulos appears to stop a black pickup truck and dump garbage bags shortly after Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance. A woman law enforcement believe is Troconis opens the door of the truck but doesn’t get out.

The Chief State’s Attorney’s office says it has no comment on the videos.

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