GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s a story we’ve been following for months. Glastonbury police have arrested a high school student accused of attributing a Hitler quote to George Floyd in the yearbook. Wednesday night, News 8 spoke exclusively with one of the victim’s parents about the incident.

Mary Lachance, the victim’s mother, says the situation was what no parent wants for their child. She remains shaken by the situation.

On a seemingly normal day in May, Lachance sent her son to school – the day he was set to receive his senior yearbook. When he opened it he found his photo with an Adolf Hitler quote under his name incorrectly attributed to George Floyd. Panic ensued.

The day after the yearbooks were distributed was her son’s Senior Ball. As a mom, Lachance worried about her son.

“I was very worried about my kid’s safety because you didn’t know who had targeted your kid.”

Wondering how the offensive quote made it under her son’s yearbook photo.

“We realized it was submitted from his email account. That was really really tough.”

She added, “Nobody else knew in the school that my kid hadn’t written that and it was under my kids’ name and we didn’t know how it had gotten there and I couldn’t understand why anyone would do such a thing. On top of that, it being a quote from Hitler makes it horrendous. You don’t want your kid associated with that.”

The student responsible for switching the quote under Lachance’s son’s picture was arrested earlier this week.

Lachance, who serves on Glastonbury’s town council, says she is glad that the incident was taken seriously and that there are consequences to the action of the student now identified as 18-year-old Hollister Tyron.

Tyron is accused of unlawfully accessing a computer database that students used to submit their yearbook quotes and changing two students’ quotes prior to publication.

Lachance says her son was taken to the principal’s office when they realized what the quote really said and who had said it. The Glastonbury mother said she’s glad the school protected her son while they got to the bottom of the investigation.

“I’m glad people are taking it seriously. I think a lot of times when things happen on a computer, they don’t think of it as a serious crime…This did cause a lot of distress within our family.”

Despite all her son was put through, she just wants everyone to learn a lesson from this situation.

“I certainly don’t want this to ruin his life like kids do stupid things but I’m glad to see that there are consequences.”

Tyron now faces two felony counts of computer crimes.