Lamont still getting used to the pace at State Capitol, comments on impeachment

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HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– After nearly a full year in office, Governor Ned Lamont says he’s still adjusting to the pace of things at the State Capitol.

And even though he is reluctant to comment on national issues; he is, for the first time, commenting on the potential impeachment of President Trump.

The Governor lists getting the budget done on time and cutting back on borrowing as his major accomplishments. Accomplishments that have improved the state’s economic outlook and bond rating.

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Here’s part two of the exclusive interview:

[DAVIS] “What’s been the biggest surprise in your first, almost first year as Governor of the State of Connecticut?”

[LAMONT] “There’s a little reluctance to make big changes here. We’re the ‘land of steady habits’ on purpose and a decision not made does not come back to haunt you and I’m here to make decisions.”

[DAVIS] “What would you say was your biggest disappointment?”

[LAMONT] “I’d like to work a lot faster than this building likes to work, that’s the world I come from and I see we have a lot of problems accumulating over decades and every time everybody says, ‘let’s wait a little bit longer, do in the next session,’ I’m always the guy saying ‘why?’ You’re elected to get the job done. Let’s get it done now. I think we got a lot done. I think I have a lot more to do.”

[DAVIS] “You recently sent out a press release concerning refugees but aside from that you’ve generally shied away from commenting on national

[LAMONT] “I talk about national issues when they impact the State of Connecticut. I got federal guys down there in Washington who can mix it up on the other issues. The SALT deduction, state and local taxes, that’s a national issue, I’ve weighed in on that, I joined the suit because that’s a tax coming out of Washington that hits Connecticut hard. So when it comes to issues that impact Connecticut, I’m more than ready to speak up.”

[DAVIS] “Do you think President Trump should be impeached and removed from office?”

[LAMONT] “I do.”

The Governor’s staff says that’s the first time he’s been asked that question. Obviously he feels that Trump’s removal would have an impact on the state of Connecticut.

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