April 30 was supposed to be the start of Erica Robinson’s new career at Metro-North Railroad.

Instead, Robinson said the job offer was derailed after New Haven Public Schools gave her a stunning letter saying “…the district no longer has Hyde records” to prove her diploma from Hyde Leadership School is legitimate. 

Refusing to give up, Robinson contacted News 8’s Mario Boone for help.

“I’m so sad, I’m so sad,” Robinson told Boone. “I’ve cried so many nights about this. It just makes me so appalled at these people because how, why do you lose your transcripts?”

She’s missing out on a $60,000 a year dream career as a result of the issue. But it’s not just Robinson.  Transcripts for potentially thousands of former New Haven students graduating before the year 2000 cannot be located, Robinson said she was told by NHPS big wig Dr. Delores Garcia-Blocker.

News 8 took Robinson’s concerns straight to the top of NHPS, Superintendent Carol Birks, who immediately launched an investigation.

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School board President Darnell Goldson thanked News 8 for uncovering this problem.  In a statement, he said, “…I am confident the administration will have a solution to this issue by the end of the week.

Sure enough, within a few hours of Birks ordering an investigation, the chief operating officer for NHPS, Michael Pinto, told us district workers had located the misplaced files from Hyde, including Robinson’s.  Pinto said the problem is due to numerous school relocations over the years and a lack of a centralized storage facility for records.  

Robinson said, “It’s thanks to you, Mario. You helped me. I so appreciate you for this from the bottom of my heart.”


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