(WTNH)– She’s worked in entertainment for most of her life but Cher, now 74, is not easing up.

She’s entertaining two new scripts and just won a Fifi award for her latest perfume, that’s like an Academy Award in the fragrance world.

She’s this year’s recipient of the Spirit of Katharine Hepburn Award given by the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center to a person who embodies the Hepburn bold spirit.

As Vice President of the theater, Ann Nyberg flew out to give her, her bronze Kate statue and chat with her in her home.

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“I just wanted to be famous,” said Cher.

Mission accomplished. Since the age of 19, Cher, now 74, has been performing on TV, stage, and movies for more than 50 years.

She rose to stardom with her late husband, Sonny Bono with their hit song “I Got You Babe.” She’s sold more than 100 million records. She’s won more than 200 awards including an Oscar, a Grammy, three Golden Globes and an Emmy.

From the time she was little, she wanted to be an actress spurred on by watching Katharine Hepburn movies with her mom.

“I just knew there was something different about her and it resonated with me,” said Cher.

Cher met Hepburn on two occasions, the first time was historic…it was the one and only time the four time Oscar winner ever went to the Academy Awards to present an award to a producer.

Cher was backstage.

“About 10 presenters were sitting around watching the TV and she had to pass us going to the stage, so she came around and people, famous people were sitting there, and she looked at me and said ‘hey kid’ and then just kept going. And it was like Katharine Hepburn said ‘hey kid’ to me and I was like does she know who I am?” said Cher.

Ann Nyberg was invited to Cher’s home in Malibu to chat about her life and about being this year’s recipient of The Spirit of Katharine Hepburn Award given annually by the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. It goes to an individual who embodies the bold spirit, and moxie of the iconic actress.

“This is like the greatest thing ever and I’ve loved her since I can’t remember and so here we are, Kate and Cher,” said Cher.

The Kate statue is now on her shelf filled with golden statues, taking its place right next to her Oscar Cher won her Oscar in 1987 for “Moonstruck.”

“I didn’t have a speech I mean, I rambled and didn’t thank the director, it was a mess, I was a mess,” said Cher. “I was shocked and I was surprised, but it was great and I said sh** on the way to get it because I lost my earring and tripped on my very beautiful stole.”

Ann then asked if Cher is hard on herself.

“What’s the good of being an artist if you don’t work on the art and if you don’t succeed in the place you wanna be, well then you can’t cut yourself much slack, I don’t,” said Cher.

When asked what do people not know about her, Cher answered, “I’m really shy. As a person I’m an introvert, I’m a total introvert.”

Maybe so, but once she’s under the spotlight, it’s no holds barred… even now.

“You know, there’s nobody my age working on stage singing and wearing no clothes. It’s harder to get away with it, but yeah, I was never uncomfortable with it,” said Cher.

To date, Cher’s biggest multi-platinum hit is “Believe.” She believed and look what happened.