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News 8 Exclusive: Former Senator Chris Dodd reacts to violent riots at U.S. Capitol, expresses concerns about presidential transition

News 8 Exclusive

(WTNH)– Former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd is reacting to the violent riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Senator Dodd is one of the closest people to President-elect Joe Biden, and he served in the Senate during five presidential transitions and was in charge of the Electoral College count during the contentious Bush Gore Supreme Court transition 20 years ago this month.

Senator Dodd reached out to News 8 to express his concerns about this transition.

“It is very worrisome what this man may do over the next two weeks and our country is in peril,” said Dodd.

One of the longest serving senators in Connecticut history is back. Sporting a beard that matches his trademark white hair, the now 76-year-old was appalled at what happened in Washington.

“So I’ve been involved in not just watching transitions but directly involved in them as well,” said Dodd. “My first reaction Dennis, was one of great sadness and shock, as well but not surprising given the rhetoric corruption and lies over the last four years.”

Dodd is worried.

“Either this is the end of something or beginning of something far more dangerous,” said Dodd.

But if so, what should be done? Some of his former colleagues, including Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, believe President Trump should be removed from office.

“It certainly would be healthy if that happened, but an impeachment process could not possibly get done in two weeks and even a vote by the cabinet takes more steps than people are aware,” said Dodd.

Dodd told News 8 that cabinet members will keep a close eye on President Trump in his final days in office, and does not think the president will be back to run in 2024.

“I think his stock dropped dramatically yesterday in Republican circles,” said Dodd.

Senator Dodd is one of President-elect Biden’s closest friends dating back to the 1970s. They served on committees together and ran for president in 2008.

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