ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH) — Ansonia police are close to naming a suspect in the death of 43-year-old Christine Holloway, sources exclusively confirmed to News 8 on Thursday.

Holloway was found brutally beaten to death in her own home 10 days ago. Officers discovered her body when they went to her house to perform a welfare check.

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Holloway ‘s 1-year-old daughter Vanessa Morales was not there and has been missing ever since.

That launched an intense search effort involving Ansonia police, State Police, and FBI, as well as police officers from some surrounding towns.

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Sources told News 8 that police will officially release a suspect’s name and picture sometime in the next couple of days. They also said police still have hope that little Vanessa is alive and tips continue to pour in.

“That is our working premise and that will continue to be our working premise until we are given something to the contrary.”

– Lt. Patrick Lynch, Ansonia Police Department

Lt. Patrick Lynch of the Ansonia Police Department told News 8 that he thinks, the way the investigation is going, that they will have answers on both cases “relatively shortly.”

“We think that at the pace we’re going we’re going to have answers relatively shortly.

Does that mean in terms of who killed Christine Holloway or who may have Vanessa? At this point we’re not going to differentiate between the two, this is one investigation.”

– Lt. Patrick Lynch, Ansonia Police Department

Ania Catalano, the owner of Joey C’s Boathouse in Stamford, reacted to the the latest development in the case saying, “We’re all in shock and hoping there is some news so we’re glad that something is happening and there is news to come.”

Catalano met with Holloway’s family Thursday; her business is doing a fundraiser Saturday night to raise reward money to entice whomever has Vanessa to bring her home safe.

Catalano said the family is at a loss for words, and — as a mother — the ordeal touches her: “It makes me very, very sad.”

Lt. Lynch said it’s been difficult for law enforcement, as well, because “a lot of us are parents.”

His message to Holloway’s family as the investigation continues: “Our hearts go out to you. We are working and we will continue to work on this case until we can bring you some closure.”

Anyone with any information about where Vanessa might be is asked to call the FBI at (800) 225-5324 or the Ansonia Police Department at (203) 735-1885.

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Holloway’s funeral was held Wednesday.