MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — A reputed mobster from Manchester, CT is a person of interest in the half-billion-dollar art heist at a museum in Boston. Robert ‘Bobby the Cook’ Gentile had never spoken on television until he sat down with New 8’s Chief Political Anchor Dennis House. In the conclusion of our series, Gentile tells us how the FBI’s investigation has ruined his life.

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Robert Gentil is suspected of being in possession of two of 13 stolen works of art more than 20 years after the crime. His home in Manchester was searched, no sign of the art. But the FBI did find some items related to the crime, but were never able to charge Gentile in the heist.

The FBI did find a handwritten list in Gentile’s home. A list of the stolen art with their values on the black market.

The same house where they found drugs, ammunition, weapons, a silencer, and $20,000 in cash stuffed in a grandfather clock.

The list coupled with the Elene Guarente accusation have many thinking Gentile knows something.

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When we asked him directly if he was involved in any way with the heist at the Gardner Museum in Boston, MA, he said, “Never, never, never even knew about it until the cops came to my house.”

When we asked if he had ever seen the stolen paintings, he responded, “Never.”

When we asked if he the paintings had ever come through his house, he responded, “Never. Never saw nothing. I didn’t pay attention to the robbery because I didn’t care because I wasn’t involved. I didn’t care nothing about that.”

Investigators believe he is not telling the truth.

“How can you say I’m lying? They don’t know what my life was and what kind of guy I was. Prove me what I was lying about everything I say is the truth…I have no reason to lie. I’m not a liar. I hate liars because liars and drunks will get you in trouble.”

Gentile told News 8 the heist investigation has ruined his life and he blames it for taking away his bloved wife.

“She sat in the bedroom there for a long time when I was in jail and I knew she was going to die. She got sick and died worrying about me…She was home with me for six months and she said ‘I can’t take it I’m going to die’ and I found her passed out in the bed dead of a stroke.”

When House asked Gentile, “You said you were going to die. When that happens, the headlines are going to call you a notorious mobster. How does that make you feel?” He responded, “They’re nothing I can do about it, nothing.”

Gentile told us his only income now is social security and his attorney, Ryan McGuigan is key to his survival. Not only does he represent Gentile, but visits him and brings him groceries.

The FBI and the Gardner Museum declined our request for interviews but stressed there is a $10-million reward in the case.

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