Niantic Fire Chief Steve Wargo has resigned amid allegations of misusing municipal funds.

According to East Lyme First Selectman Mark Nickerson, Wargo resigned on Wednesday as Chief of the Niantic Fire Department for what he called “personal reasons”.

On Thursday, the First Selectman was notified of discrepancies in time cards and submitted payroll requests that had been discovered by volunteer members of the Niantic Fire Department.

According to Nickerson, Wargo’s position oversees payroll for all fire employees.

Wargo’s position as Fire Chief is a volunteer role.

An internal investigation later discovered part time shifts were paid out that had not been worked. After this was brought to Nickerson’s attention, he immediately removed Wargo from the town’s part time schedule pending the outcome of the investigation. 

Nickerson has directed the East Lyme Police Department to conduct a forensic audit into the claim.

He has also asked the town’s Finance Director to start reviewing policies and procedures related to time clock reporting for all town departments. 

Nickerson says the investigation remains ongoing.