NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The first nor’easter of 2018 is delivering a smack down all over Connecticut. Workers at a strip mall on New Haven Avenue in Milford are seeing it firsthand.

“I was in my office on the phone and I thought it was thunder,” said Don Burns.  It wasn’t thunder.  Instead, it was a brick wall that had partially collapsed.  “I heard a big boom and didn’t think anything of it,” Burn said.  “I just thought it was … part of the storm.”Related: High winds bring down trees, power lines across the state

Burns told News 8’s Mario Boone he was shocked when he came outside to find the ground littered with debris.  “Never seen anything like it before. My initial thought was a vehicle must have hit it.”

The wind also lifted a shed in a nearby sub-division and blew it into someone’s front yard.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Waqar Khan.  “That was insane.  I’ve never seen anything fly, especially a shed, just uprooted from the ground.”Related: Report-It Photo Gallery: March 2, 2018 storm

Neighbors reported flooding and multiple trees down, including a massive tree down right on top of Ariel Cejas’ Branford home.  Sharp branches punctured the roof in the exact spot of the front door and living room.

“Actually, at the time this happened all the kids came from school, so usually my wife’s at that door waiting for them,” Cejas said.  But this time no one was home.

“We were just blessed that nobody was home and nobody got hurt.  That’s the main key,” Cejas told us.