NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — In times of stress, anxiety and grief, people often turn to the wrong foods, which can lead to more problems. Thanks to the pandemic, that time is right now.

The pandemic has had adverse affects on our well-being. Health experts associate the pandemic with all of the above, and them some.

Marci Moreau is certified in integrative medicine and nutrition for mental health. She is also a nutrition consultant and writes a column for Lux Lifestyle Magazine.

She is an advocate for the power of food. Moreau dealt with grief when her husband Michael passed away just under six years ago.

“It’s a time where we might want to turn to the wrong foods, but it’s never more important, because as we grieve, our bodies need to heal. If we keep our bodies in a state of high inflammation, or high cortisol, or high stress, then we’re at risk for diseases and our bodies to break down.”

“So when we’re thinking that we need to amp up our health and our wellness, I use ginger root all the time, in almost everything every day,” Moreau said. “I use turmeric root almost every single day and I use garlic.”

Moreau has written a book called “The Power of Summer Food.” Her dishes include vegetables she grows on her farm stand.

She has several recipes to share. You can view them here.