NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – There’s a brand-new book out on one of News 8’s favorite dogs. The name of the book is “Piglet Comes Home.”

Piglet is a blind and deaf pink pooch who everybody adores. Piglet is owned by Melissa Shapiro DVM and her family. He came into their lives in an unexpected way when a veterinarian friend of Shapiro mentioned she was looking for a special placement for the deaf and blind puppy.

Shapiro agreed to foster Piglet and that was just the beginning of their story.

Shapiro collaborated with a teacher to begin an educational program with Piglet in July of 2017 when they recognized Piglet’s potential to be a growth mindset teaching model.

Shapiro had always dreamed of writing a book and the chance came along after she wrote about piglet in a people magazine article that spurred a lot of attention, Shapiro knew just what to write about. Shapiro wrote a memoir-style book about her life with Piglet, her other dogs and rescues, to be an ambassador for disabled pets and people.

The educational program on Piglet is featured online for teachers and students. The program teaches kids about how Piglet he faces his everyday challenges with his positive attitude, the way he approaches his life every single day with great determination and enthusiasm.

Children are able to learn how to be towards classmates, towards their friends, family and all other areas of their life through Piglet’s growth mindset program.