NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Writing was once the lifeline between couples. A story such as that is being told in a brand-new book. It chronicles the love story during wartime between Lieutenant Donald of the United States Navy and his wife Marjorie, who was stateside during World War II.

The book is titled, ‘My Dearest Darling Letters of Love in Wartime.’

Author Lisa Franco joined News 8 to discuss her new book.

The story began when she discovered a pile of airmail floats inside a World War II section of an antique store.

“Well, I read one of the letters and I started to cry because it was so romantic and so passionate and so full of longing from Donald Story and his sweetheart at the time, Marjorie, they started dating when he was going to Annapolis. And this story chronicles their whole love affair, basically, you know, between when they dated to when they got married to when they had their first child to when he got out of the service,” said Franco.

It took Franco about three years to track down the family the letters belonged to with the help of an amateur genealogist. Franco was able to meet Marjorie herself, who was 92 years old at the time.

Franco spoke to the family and they entrusted her to turn the letters into a book.

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