NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -A mother is helping to raise awareness on childhood cancer after her son’s diagnosis.

Katie Banovich’s son Greyson began having mysterious pain when he was about three years old. He had some difficulty expressing his pain to his family given his age. It was a long road for the family to get answers, but the family did eventually get a diagnosis that would turn their lives upside down.

A large tumor was found on Greyson’s spine. Greyson had a ganglia neuroblastoma, a type of tumor that develops in nerve tissue.

The Banovichs’ had Greyson’s tumor genome sequenced to find out what mutations were driving his cancer.

Greyson went through multiple surgeries to extract the cancer. He required three surgeries and nine rounds of anesthesia over a period of 14 days to remove the majority of the tumor from his spine.

A year after the tumor extraction, the family learned that Greyson’s tumor had grew back. The surgeons went back in to do another surgery but they could not get all of the tumor leaving him with a small portion of cancer inside of his body,

Greyson is currently able to live a happy, healthy and normal life, which is a blessing to his family.

For families going through similar struggles, Katie advises them to hold onto hope and to get as much knowledge as they possibly can. Katie is aware of how helpless a parent can feel when their child is sick and parents feel as if nothing can be done.

“There are really smart people out there who can help them and all these scientific researchers who are really smart and all the doctors who are on the front lines and they have a lot of knowledge about cancer that we just didn’t used to have. So learn as much as you can and always hold on to hope that it can get better, and know that kids are so much stronger than we think they are,” said Katie.

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