NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven is the home to Music Haven, a school that empowers and connects young people through music from first or second grade through high school.

The school is tuition free giving all kids a chance to develop their musical skills.

The Artistic Director of Music Haven Yaira Matyakubova and violinist sisters Ayana and Adina Salahuddin join News 8 to talk about the school.

Music Haven was started in 2007 by musicians who wanted to reach out to the community in New Haven and provide tuition-free lessons.

“We believe that having access to music education is the right for a right for every kid, not a privilege,” Matyakubova said.

The students are mentored by four musicians and a string quartet. The string quartet is an essential part of the programming because it teaches the students the importance of listening to one another.

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