Obsitnik: I want to put out this fire, go home and do something else


51-year-old Steve Obsitnik of Westport came in third at last month’s convention garnering 18 percent of the delegates on the second ballot surprising many that he easily qualified for the August primary.

A graduate of the U.S, Naval Academy, he helped develop the technology known  to almost everyone now as “Siri” and recently sold the smart antenna company called “Quintel.” A former nuclear submarine officer he says his only interest is in straightening out the ship of state saying,  “I do not want to be your U.S. Senator or U.S. Congressman.  I want to run into this fire, put out this fire and then I go home and I do something else with my life.”

He doesn’t buy frontrunner Mark Boughton‘s plan to phase out the ‘Income Tax’ and lumps him together with former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst as career politicians trying to climb the political ladder adding,  “For forty years, since I graduated from high school, actually since I graduated from college, we’ve been going down a road to ruin in Connecticut and that road has been led by career politicians.”      

Obsitnik says his highest priority is encouraging economic growth to, as he puts it “turn the moving vans around.”   He has a plan to change the tax structure to help do that and, as of now he opposes highway tolls as just another tax.   “There are many things we need to look into before we go back to Connecticut residents and say ‘we’re going to increase your taxes again.’  I think we need to be more efficient with the money we spend, be more accountable with the money we spend because that’s what the people when I’m out on the road, that’s what they want.”  

Obsitnik also says that retired state employees will get the pensions and benefits they’ve been promised,  that any changes will only affect new employees.


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