Officer brings McDonald’s meal to 5-year-old that called 911


A five-year-old in Michigan couldn’t wait for his grandma to wake up, so when he had a craving, he decided to make a call.

Dispatcher – “Kent County 911 what’s your emergency?”

Iziah – “Can you bring me McDonalds?”

Dispatcher – “I’m sorry what?”

Iziah – “Can you bring me McDonalds?”

Dispatcher – “No I can’t bring you McDonalds.”

The dispatcher who took the call said they get a lot of kids calling on their parents cell phones. She said a lot are deactivated, but parents don’t realized they can still call 911.

The officer that was sent to 5-year-old Izaiah’s house to make sure everything was okay and figured he might as well bring him a meal since he was driving by McDonald‘s anyway. The officer used this situation to teach him that 911 is for emergency calls

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