(WTNH) — This summer is expected to be one of the worst tick seasons ever.

Now the Centers for Disease Control is warning one test may not be enough if you can get a tick bite.

While deer ticks can be hard to spot, so can the Lyme Disease they often carry.

Approximately 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme every year.

Test don’t always detect the disease in the early stage.

In the first three weeks of infection, the test only detects Lyme about 29 to 40 percent of the time.

“Lyme disease testing can be negative in the first month following infection and this is because we’re really waiting for the human immune response to mount in response to the infection,” said Claudia Molins, a CDC Microbiologist.

When diagnosed and treated quickly, the infection is easy to get rid of, but if it’s left untreated, it can cause debilitating effects from severe arthritis to short-term memory loss.