COLCHESTER, Conn (WTNH) Bill Mitchell’s job is tough enough in this cold weather and but when he comes across a yard like the one he dealt with in Colchester it adds to the frigid challenge.

No pathway was cleared for him to the intake pipe and he had to trudge through two feet of snow all the way across the front yard.

“It was about a hundred foot pull,” says Mitchell who says that delivery was very difficult.

The homeowner who had been away on business last week didn’t get to clear a path which Mitchell and other drivers with Mohegan Oil out of Mystic would appreciate.

“It would be nice,” says Mitchell. “It would be nice.”

He almost left without making the delivery because he couldn’t make it through the front yard before the homeowner helped.

“I’m fortunate that he didn’t leave and that he let me help him a little bit to pull the hose and make it easier for him to get through the yard so we can have some heat and hot water.” says Dave Stewart.

“Well there are companies out there that you know have them make a path or they won’t deliver,” says Mitchell who has been delivering oil for forty two years.

He says paths like the one cleared at another Colchester home make his job much easier.

That delivery took him five minutes while the one at the house without a shoveled path held him up for more than 20.

“If we can’t make it we’ll call and ask them to do a path for us,” says Mitchell who adds he will always at least try.

Homeowners who don’t shovel a path for delivery drivers should call the oil company to see if a delivery will still be made.