NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Teachers across Connecticut are working harder than ever to make sure their students are getting the education they deserve while living under the extraordinary circumstances we are currently in. And, the parents of those students want to make sure the work of the teachers is not going unnoticed.

Had it been a normal school year, the Parent Teacher Organization of a North Branford elementary school would have been able to thank the teachers and school for their year of hard work with a vegetable and flower garden.

Shannon Huff, a member of the PTO’s beautification committee, still wanted to find a way to give the school a garden to show support for the teachers right now.

Recently, Huff and another mom were able to plant a heart-shaped garden at the school. They’ve asked the students to place painted rocks around the garden too. They hope more rocks appear in the garden soon.

Photo: Shannon Huff

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